*How Will Video Help My Agency?

Short answer: Video makes everything EASIER!  It will help you close new business, cross-sell and educate your prospects and clients.

Learn how Video will help your Agency:

In this 3 minute video you’ll learn how Video will super boost your Agency.

To get the most out of your videos by sending a video with every single email, watch our training video How to Include a Video in Your Signature Block


Need more detail?  Check out these videos that explain how Video can help your Agency. 

1. Using Video to help improve your Close Rate (Video)

2. Using Video to Cross sell more Umbrella (Video) (and get your Staff to cross sell more Umbrella too !)

3. Using Video to sell more Earthquake insurance (Video) (and get your policyholders thinking about GAPS in their coverages)

4. Using Video to sell more LIFE (Video)

5. The Mindset of Selling LIFE (Video)  (and the best way to Pivot from the P&C conversation to LIFE)

There’s a reason that video has become such a powerful tool for marketers; it’s visually engaging content, that works.

73% of Consumers are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video [REPORT] *not insurance specific, but certainly relevant 

*How Are The Videos Helping Agents?

Here are the latest user testimonials from our users:

Mike Stromsoe – Murrieta, CA

Patty Lares – Orange, CA

Jake Van Sloten – Del Mar, CA

Watch the rest of the Testimonials: Click Here

P.S. We will personally work with your Agency so you get the most out of the Videos.
If for some reason, you don’t see the results you are expecting, we offer a 30 day Money Back Guarantee. 

*How Much Does It Cost?

For Pricing for our Videos & Social posts please visit:


Are you apart of an industry group or association? You could be eligible for up to a 50% discount on our services.

We offer a 30 day Money Back Guarantee.

If for ANY reason you aren’t 100% satisfied, we will provide a refund. No Questions Asked!

Have Questions? Call Us: 858-461-1075


*How Can I Add These Videos to My Website?

Embedding the videos onto your own website is a great way to get even more use out of your videos. 

Upon signing up, we will give you the embed codes for all of the videos, which you can then embed onto your website yourself, or give the codes to your web developer to handle.
If you do not have access to a web developer, we can set up the videos on your website for you for a one-time setup fee.

1. How Do I Get Started With My Insurance Videos?

It takes about 3 minutes to sign up:

1. First you’ll need to sign up for the service by either calling our office at 858-461-1075 or email us at [email protected]

2. The My Insurance Videos team will then set up your account (uploads your photo, create your personalized video viewing page, etc.)

3. Next, we will send you an “On-boarding” email with all of the instructions to get the most use out of your videos.

4. You start sending out your Videos to super boost your Agency!

2. How do I send the videos to my clients?

You simply “COPY and PASTE” from the templates (It takes about 10-15 seconds to send a Video).

Here’s a Video that shows you how to send out your videos: How to Send Out Your Videos
Anyone on your staff can send out the videos in just “2 clicks.”

Your STAFF will use your Login information to the My Insurance Videos site, so that they can “COPY and PASTE” as well.

My Insurance Videos works with ANY email system – OUTLOOK, GMAIL, HOTMAIL, AOL, Thunderbird, etc.

You can also post the Videos to social media sites: FACEBOOK, LINKEDIN, etc.



3. How many videos are available for me to send out?

Currently there are over 40 videos you can send out, including 8 videos in Spanish.

We will be adding additional content over time. Please note: any additional content is FREE if you are a member.

If you have a suggestion for a video that can help you work smarter, PLEASE do not hesitate to contact us with your idea !

4. Is the recipient (your policyholder) able to view the video on their smartphone?

Absolutely, your videos are “mobile friendly” and can be viewed on any device (PC, MAC, iPhone, Android, iPad, Tablet) and on any browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari).

5. Are the videos sent as an attachment? Can that “jam” the inbox of the recipient?

NO …. the videos aren’t sent as an attachment, you are only sending a LINK to a video that is hosted on a high speed server “in the cloud”.   It’s the same idea as if you were to send a link to a YouTube video only these videos play on your own personally branded website.

6. Are you planning to create videos in other languages?

Yes.   Spanish videos have been released as of Sept 2014!
Korean, Vietnamese and Mandarin are all planned.

7. Are you planning to include Videos that have a Female Voice?

Definitely!  Release date is TBA.

8. What if I don’t have an email address for my policyholders?

We’d strongly encourage you to get email address for every one of your policyholders. It’s a very easy way to communicate with people, and in addition, you’ll now be able to send them a video through My Insurance Videos.

Another way agents are using the videos is by including a video in their email signature block, this way they are sending out a video with every single email. Agents also show the videos to their clients while in their office. Watching the videos in person with your clients is a great way to provide education!

9. How can I get the most out of My Insurance Videos?

The best way to incorporate the video content into your day-to-day work flow is to familiarize yourself with the content. Yes, that means watching each one of the videos while beginning to imagine when this video content could be useful when communicating with prospects and existing policyholders.

Now every time you correspond with the client or a prospect, you can ask yourself, “Is there a video for that?”

This is why we strongly recommend each staff member include a video in their signature block, this is the EASIEST way to get the most out of your videos (and boost the productivity of your staff!)

Need more detail?  Check out these videos that explain how Video can help your Agency. 

1. Using Video to help improve your Close Rate (Video)


2. Using Video to sell more LIFE (Video)

3. The Mindset of Selling LIFE (Video)  (and the best way to Pivot from the P&C conversation to LIFE)

10. Why won’t videos play on my computer?

In order to play any videos on Internet Explorer, including videos from YouTube, you need to install the latest version of Adobe Flash.

Does this mean videos won’t play on my policyholders computer?   There is a small chance they haven’t updated Flash if using Internet Explorer. The good news is the 70% of all people use Chrome, Firefox or Safari, which doesn’t require a manual update of Flash.


11. Are you planning on producing more videos?


Update: Cyber Liability Video is currently in production and should be ready soon! 

We create new videos based on the need and feedback from our users. So if you have a video you would like us to create, just let us know!

12. HELP! I lost my password! What do I do?

Resetting a lost password is easy.

Click on the Lost Password link in the log in, type in your username or email address, and the system will email you a reset password link.

13. Can I use Internet Explorer 8?

We’ve had many users report problems to us that are found to be caused by old versions of Internet Explorer.  We have done extensive cross-browser testing on IE7 and IE8 and find that My Agency Videos does work on these browsers.

However, because of the lack of updated security patches and other performance features, many users accidentally allow security threats, such as malware or adware, into their browsing experience which can cause problems with My Agency Videos.

Our website is best viewed in Chrome or Firefox, but will work in Internet Explorer 8, unless you are running Windows XP.

14. Can we download the videos?

Unfortunately you are not able to download the videos.